With deliveries all across the US, this company needed a better way to manage their logistics.  Tracking their loads using custom spreadsheets was too slow and the web solutions already in the marketplace are not .


Trucking solutions are a dime a dozen, so when this customer came calling we could not help ourselves: Why not just use one of the MANY online solutions already out there? Turns out all of the solutions out there are focused on large companies and have everything but the kitchen sink.  Could we design a web solution for small owner truck operators?

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Owner truck operators are on the road a lot, sometimes they have multiple trucks on the road as well, but there are many data aspects of the business that need managing: Picking up loads, dropping them off, calculating costs and paying off drivers every two weeks. The owner needed a software package that will track all of these aspects and making it a web solution.


For this Trucking Company, AccessExperts.com designed a webs solution with the following features:

  • Dashboard on login to see the business health in one sweep.
  • Truck screen to record all details of the truck: Loads, fuel, driver history, etc.
  • Driver screen to record all aspects of drivers, either in teams or by themselves.
  • Load screen details.
  • Driver Pay module to calculate pay by fracturing in expenses, loans, and any other pay items.
  • Great flexibility by allowing admins to add custom fields as needed without programming.


Take a look at what we delivered to the client: https://itimpactinc.com/jas-demo/

Using advanced web techniques we helped the client discover «The power of your data!» TM