Many HCCA Franchisees have expressed interest in using their IPad away from the office. We understand the appeal: You can check schedules, view what’s available for new customers, etc.

First the bad news: PIC does not run on IPads, it does however run on Surface Pro, (NOT Surface RT), but you CAN login remotely to your PC and USE PIC on your IPad.

How to use PIC on your IPad

  • First: Install on your PC in the office. It’s free, just go to and install the software. There is no need to purchase the Pro version, just use the free one.
  • Next, install the LogMeIn app on your IPad using this link.
  • In order for this to work the PC in the office needs to be On and connected to the Internet and the IPad would need to have WiFi or cell phone connectivity.

We hope you enjoy the power of PIC on your IPad!